Rev. Greg Mullin
Senior Pastor
Rev. Greg Mullin has pastored Community Gospel Church since 1985. With a heart to see those hurting become whole, Pastor Greg has sought to see CGC become a beacon in the community, making it his vision for the church to be a healing agency in the community. Pastor Greg is a well respected member of the community for his contributions to those around him. Sitting on the School Board of the local schools, Wheatland-Chili, for 8 years, he has had an impact in the local community first-hand. Pastor Greg also is a member of the Pastoral Oversight Committee, a group of pastors that organize, run, and promote a series of youth camps and a youth conference in Western NY. In ministry for more than 20 years, he is sought worldwide for his knowledge and experience as a pastor, recently sharing his passion for the ministry in several Pastor's Conventions in Kenya, East Africa.
Bob Miles
Bob Miles has been the go-to guy behind the scenes of Community Gospel Church. Whenever the church needs a job completed, Bob is the man who is called. Besides his work ethic, Bob would never miss an opportunity to sit and pray, visit the sick, and share his passion to see God work in every circumstance. Included in all this is his work at the sound board, making sure everything in the service runs as it should. Bob has faithfully worked the sound board almost every Sunday for most of the past 10 years.
Dave Hudnell
Director of Worship / Elder
Dave Hudnell has been the leadership behind our worship. A man who has a heart for God, Dave brings a unique blend of worship to Community Gospel. With a combination of acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitars, drums, keyboards and pianos, Dave also prefers to dwell "in the quiet place", quite literally. Constantly teaching the church to simply quiet ourselves to listen and to worship, in contrast to the praise we bring with our voices and instruments, Dave ushers the church into true worship, not just singing songs.
Rev. Ivan Mullin
Pastor Ivan Mullin is a man who simply seeks to obey God in all He does. A minister for more than 50 years, he 'specializes' in broken churches. He is sent in to restore churches, to repair fellowship, and to see God once again move in those congregations. A man with an anointing of God on him, Pastor Ivan was also a missionary in Kenya, East Africa. A total of 9 trips adding up to over 5 years of his ministry have been spent ministering, helping, praying, and healing the people of Kenya. With a passion for missions, Pastor Ivan spreads it around to whomever heeds the call.
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